New Funds and Grant for Singaporeans to Improve their Skills and Knowledge by Taking up Educational and Upgrading Courses Such As Aircon Servicing

With the retirement age rises in Singapore, it is crucial for Singaporeans to understand the importance of lifetime learning and constantly upgrade themselves. In order to attract more Singaporeans in upgrading their skills, the Government will be giving out funds and grants to Singaporeans that take up upgrading educational courses Other than that, the Government will build a paid apprenticeships programme for fresh graduates of ITEs and Polytechnics. These all announced by Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Finance Minister of Singapore.

The grant that will be implemented is called the SkillsFuture Credit. The SkillsFuture Credit will be disbursed to Singaporeans aged 25 years old and above from year 2016. The credit can be used to fund education and training courses provided by Institutions of Higher Education such as ITE, Polytechnics and accredited education and training providers across different industry in Singapore. For the start, there will be an amount of S$500 distributed, where there will be more top-ups in the future. Furthermore, the grants will not expire and it can be kept and used in the future when there is appropriate or relevant course for them to upgrade their skills.

Short Courses & Programmes
This will ensure that even after the employees have started working in their own respective industries and companies, they are still able to make use of the credits for short courses or programmes offered by various institutions to upgrade their skills which can aid them in their profession.

Institute of Technical Education

In ITE, there are more than 100 Nitec, ISC courses and even short courses offered to students and workers who wish to upgrade their skills in their relevant trades and industry. ITE offers quality learning platform and practical lessons for their students to learn. These will increase their skills and knowledge in terms of theory and practical which will definitely aid in their respective trades and help them to increase in their efficiency and make them more specialized and trained.


Air-conditioner Servicing Courses in Singapore

There are also several companies offering courses each on their own industry which aims to increase the numbers of skilled workers in Singapore. One of the example will be the air-conditioning industry, where there has been high demand for aircon services but shortage of talents in Singapore. Hence, there are several reputable and experienced companies such as aircon servicing Singapore where they try to increase the pool of talents in the aircon industry by offering air-conditioner courses to train more people interested in the field of air-conditioning services.

Other than ITE, polytechnics also offers part time diploma which allows people to pursue a higher education in their relevant trades in Singapore. This is an essential path for people ot upgrade themselves and stay relevant in their respective industry. By upgrading and educating ourselves, we are able to prevent foreign talents from outperforming us and contribute significantly to our company and increase the productivity as well.

The minister have also mentioned that this new education initiatives will facilitates a whole new approach in education and learning for Singaporeans. It describe the new initiative “SkillsFuture” as a vital stage of education and learning platform for our citizens in their lifetime. Other than engaging career guidance officers in Secondary Schools to lead and guide them on their future career and outlook, Singaporeans can also educate themselves through online courses.

It will build a new learning platform for the new generation where it will not just be teachers educating the youngsters. It will be a platform where experts across different industry teaching and educating the new generations of people and allows them to learn and upgrade their skills in their industry.

In order to give graduates a headstart in their careers, Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Polytechnics will change their education structure to aid their graduates in coping their future career.

In this programme, Polytechnic and Institute of Technical Education graduates will allowed to join their respective suitable companies and employers and under an “earn and learn” programme, they will be assigned to a mentor which will aid them in understanding and learning the essential skills and knowledge in their industry. The employers as well as the trainees will be receiving “support” from the Government by participating this programme. Mr Tharman also added that this programme will be initiated in different ITE and polytechnic and cover up to one third of the ITE and polytechnic graduates.

Other than that, Mr Tharman also mentioned that they will improve the quality and standard of the internships in various Institutes of Higher Learning such as ITE and Polytechnics so that they are more relevant and meaningful to the graduates and aid them in their future career. Besides giving graduates exposure in Singapore, they are also planning to allow more students to get international exposure in other countries.

Besides giving opportunities to the younger generation, the older generation who are in their mid-career such as aged 40 and above also have education and training subsidies to upgrade their skills and knowledge. The subsidies could cover at least 90% of the course fees, which is applies to courses that are funded by Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Ministry of Education (MOE). For certain courses, it is scheduled at the evening and even weekends so that interested employees are able to upgrade themselves during their free time. Other than that, Institutions provide different subsidies and flexibility in learning for the workers where they need to balance their work and family. You can find out more about the skillsfuture here.

Therefore, it is important to constantly upgrade and educate yourself in a competitive industry in Singapore. Furthermore, it will ensure that you remain relevant in your industry so that you are able remain knowledgeable and skilful in the competitive world. Hence, look no further and make full use of your Skillsfuture credits by educating and upgrading yourself today.

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