Australian university criticised over Malaysian award

AFP | Fri Feb 17 2012


In Kuala Lumpur, an Australian University have given an honorary degree to the wife of Malaysian premier which have been mocked over her imprudent shopping styles. This have caused an uproar which have faced severe criticism from the online citizens.

Online netizens across Australia and Malaysia have commented their opinions and frustration over the award on Australian University, Western Australia’s Curtin University Facebook page. After a few days, the Australia University have removed the Facebook comments from the online netizens in its Facebook wall.

Western Australia’s Curtin University have awarded the honorary degree to Malaysian Prime Minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor due to her contributions and efforts in promoting early-childhood education in Malaysia.

Rosmah Mansor is one of the controversial character in Malaysia. Due to her lavish lifestyle, it have caused an uproar among the online netizens. Other than that, she have often been criticise not being an Malaysian as they feel that she have been out of touch with its Malaysian citizens.

In one of the Facebook comments on the Western Australia’s Curtin University Facebook page, the online netizen commented “How much Rosmah paid for this PhD from Australia’s Curtin University”. Soon after the comment was posted, it was being removed and blocked.

Another criticise the Western Australia’s Curtin University to check their information and facts right before cheaply giving out their certificates.

There are a number of Western Australia’s Curtin University graduates that are Curtin degree holders’ oath to rip up their own certificates. In addition, there is a newly Facebook page called” Boycott Curtin University till Rosmah Mansor’s Doctorate Revoked” being set up to garner more support In boycotting their certificates in Malaysia.

With the increase of inflation in Malaysia, Rosmah huge and spendthrift spending on shopping were criticised by the public.

In recent reports on Rosmah Mansor, it was found out that she have spent more than thousands of dollars solely on Australian designer clothes. Other than that, there are also around S$30 million on diamond ring and more than US$200 thousands on designer handbag.

However, she refuse to accept the claims and reports on the above lavish lifestyle.