NUS-Yale rubbishes prof’s claims of conspiracy

Edvantage | Tue Jun 12 2012


Dr Jim Sleepers’s claims on Huffington Post have cause gotten several main focus on the financial issue where from a dinner in Germany, it disclose that National University of Singapore (NUS) and Yale have a confidential agreement worth around US$300 million which is equivalent to SG$384 million.

There are many men seated around a conference table, dressed in smoking jackets, holding costly glasses of wine and other hand smoking fat cigars.

During the dinner, there are exchange of kisses between professors’ cheeks which do not seems common.

Other than that, ST have reported that setting up of Yale-NUS liberal arts college.

Dr Jim Sleeper affirmed on Huffington Post that “There’s $300 million for Yale in its deal with NUS”. According to Dr Sleeper, this was told to him at a dinner in Germany, which is from a source that he could not disclose.

This is similar to “insider trading”. On the other hand, Yale will be cut in on its main investments that Singapore controls and cut down through its wealth fund. Since this is not payments, but purely investments, there will be risk incurred.

The source that could not be disclosed is rumoured to be a senior official from a University in Europe. The senior official have also used more than half of this article affirming that Yale venture with NUS is a shame.

According to STs, Yale’s press secretary Tom Conroy confirming that Yale is not collecting any financial profit other than payment of expenses.

Conroy also mentioned to ST that an ex-Yale trustee, Charles Ellis, which was an investment consultant have an investment business in Singapore.

At the same time, NUS have told The Straits Times that the payments to Yale University includes the cost of replacing the teaching of Yale faculty which involves collective planning, recruitments and developments of the projects

The collaboration and join effort for the college will not have any investment funds arrangement for Yale.

Dr Sleeper believes that Singapore is similar to Myanmar in some areas such as citizens are not allowed to be independence or have freedom of speech.