Tisch Asia in a flux following president’s removal

Sun Feb 19 2012


After the splendid opening in year 2007, the New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia in Singapore have a faced several challenges here.

The New York University Tisch School at Kay Siang Road has gone through an sudden change of its leadership appointment and strategic functions. This is caused after Pari Sara Shirazi, founder of Tisch Asia, in last November, suddenly and secretly step down from his President appointment. This is supposedly due to the conflict over the school’s business models.
Despite Tisch Asia and it’s parent university, New York University (NYU) are operated independently, in the midst of the incident, NYU have step in and taken over the control of Tisch Asia university campus in Singapore. There are 3 members from NYU’s provost office which have been sent to different managing roles in Tisch Asia to reviews its operations and finances. The 3 members are Nancy Morrison, Joe Juliano and Linda Mills.

John Beckman, NYU chief spokesman mentioned that Tisch Asia will differ from what it used be operating independently since 2007. It will be now be under NYU’s global university network. When asked on the change of management of Iran-born, US-educated Dr Shirazi, he replied that they have discover the issues on the management of the business model from the regular programme assessment on the business model of Tisch Asia. From the review, they conclude other it was a personnel problems which have been resolved by them.
Furthermore, he add on saying that since it is an issues regarding personnel, it would be undesirable to discuss this in detailed.

From what was found out, Dr Shiriza was in New York and was ordered to stop teaching at the Tisch School of Arts (TSOA) in New York, just around 3 weeks ago.

With the new transformation of the management at Tisch Asia, they only commented that review the business model again and make necessary changes to build a sustainable management business model.

However, it is inevitable that pains and changes will occurs in order for that to happen.