P1 registration: 11 of Singapore’s most popular primary schools almost full


I am sure everyone in lived in the west area of Singapore have heard about Rulang Primary School. However, Rulang Primary School is not your common neighborhood primary school. Instead, it is one of the most popular primary school for Primary 1 admission in the year 2013.

It was so popular that the in the half-way mark of the registration of the P1 admission that have started in July 3 was only left with around 9 vacancies when the total amount of places is around 270.

The reason why it was so popular among the parents was because last year, Rulang Primary School have produce the top Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) pupil in Singapore. It was the first time in the history.

On the other hand, popular and well-known schools such as Nanyang Primary School and Red Swastika School have only around 15 to 27 vacancies left.

According to The Straits Times, it was reported that there are at least 8 schools in Singapore, which include Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) and Henry Park Primary School are most likely to conduct balloting for their Phase 2B.

P1 admission, phase 2B is for children whose parents are part of the volunteers with the school or they are part of the members of an affiliated clan or churn or related organisation. Other than that, community leaders are also able to apply in the phase 2B.

In the phase 2B, it is closely concern by parents and relevant authorities as it is the first time balloting is involved. This will also shows the effect of the new rules where Singapore citizens have priority over permanent residents in the balloting of P1 admissions.

MOE have mentioned in a statement that Singaporeans citizens will be given “absolute priority” over the Permanent Residents if the P1 admission exercise requires balloting in any phase.

There are also some phase which are conducted in an earlier stage which is for children with older siblings studying or have studied in the same school. If not, it is for children whose parents are the staff or alumni.

If there are any leftover vacancies for the P1 admission, it will be subsequently split into phases 2B and 2C, which is available to all Singapore citizens and Permanents Residents.