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Originally 100 seconds long, the film gets shorter by a millisecond with every share on its Facebook page, slowly wiping out the endless bullying faced by the main character.


7 things you should know about your first year in polytechnic

Poly life is a huge jump from what one is used to in secondary school. Here are 7 things one should know before entering.

Miracle kid Noah

Actor Noah Yap's parents support his decision to quit school to pursue a full-time career in show business.

Korean students play 'A-star' pranks

A popular prank appears to be the 'sideways' prank, where the entire class places their desks and chairs sideways on the ground.

How many of these students have you met?

There are the jocks, the nerds, the social butterflies and the mean girls, a few among the many others that you might have met.

Excuse me, NUS undergrads: Keep your feet down

A reader was so appalled by the behaviour of some of his fellow students from the National University of Singapore (NUS) that he took these pictures before and during lectures throughout the semester.